The PI of the project, dr Marko Kebert gave a detailed interview for the magazine Elementarium that is known for reporting about new and interesting findings in science adjusted for the wider public, other than scholars.

The interview was dedicated to the new “climate smart” approach in the forestry and explained how climate change has altered and improved old approaches in forest management.

Furthermore, the PI of the Mycoclimart project outlined the main project goals as well as approaches that will be implemented in the project in order to find out more about invisible belowground interaction between plants and mycorrhizal fungi and how mycorrhizal fungi module plant response to abiotic and biotic stresses. Special attention in interview was given to the phenomenon of phytoremediation, that stands for the green technique where plants “clean-up” the environment by accumulation of toxic pollutants (inorganic or organic) from soil into their harvestable parts and by transforming them into less toxic form. Fast growing species with high biomass and high transpiration rate such as poplars, willows, ashes are ideal for this purpose.

 For more information, you can read a full interview by following this link

Нови еколошки (и „паметни“) приступи у шумарству – ЕЛЕМЕНТАРИЈУМ (