As it was planned by budget of MYCOCLIMART project, a new piece of equipment, a high-performance liquid chromatograph (HPLC) coupled with PhotoDiodaArray (SPD-M20A-PDA) and fluorometric (RF-20AXS) detectors has been installed at laboratory of Institute of lowland forestry and environment (ILFE).

At the open procurement procedure, a Japanese brand for analytical and measuring instruments Shimadzu, has won at the tender.

This equipment is necessary for completion of this comprehensive multidisciplinary investigation within MYCOCLIMART project, since the equipment will be used for quantitative polyamine analysis and polyamines are known as major biotic and abiotic stress markers in plants which is pivotal for tracking of the role of mycorrhiza fungi in alleviation of abiotic and biotic stress in pedunculate oak. This piece of chromatographic instrumentation will improve metabolic platform at ILFE laboratory and will enable MYCOCLIMART team to achieve a new state of the art in science.

Beside polyamines, the new equipment offers a wide range of application for further research, including determination of different phenolic compounds as well as carotenoids and many other metabolites in woody plant species.

More about Nexera series HPLC generation, could be found at the producer website.